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Day: June 15, 2008



Day 674 of 365 More.


So if anyone ever tells you wrestling is fake, do me a favor and find the hardest object you can and smack them over the head with it as hard as you can..

Today was the BDW anniversary show. I didn’t even have a match. Instead I was in the corner of my tag team partner, Bulldozer while he was in a "street fight" with Dash Bennet. For those who don’t follow wrestling, a street fight means that you don’t wear wrestling gear, you come as you are, weapons are allowed, and you beat the shit out of each other as anything goes and there’s no disqualification.

So I was sitting in the corner rooting my friend on, and keeping a safe distance in a totally fair and completely sportsmanlike manner, when for no reason whatsoever, that bastard Dash attacked me. I was forced to defend myself with the closest thing I could find, which was this here garbage can lid. Only, somehow when I was swinging the lid at Dash’s head, again, in self-defense, I swear, Dash somehow got out the way and I ended up hitting Bulldozer in the head with it. After that, Dash powerbombed me on top of the lid, hence it being all bent out of shape as you see here.

And that’s not even how I got hurt. I mean, it sure as hell didn’t feel good. But somehow, before that, while I was minding my own business, and totally not attacking Dash unfairly, I ended up banging my own knee into the ground when I was doing a diving elbow drop on Dash’s head. Oh my god, it hurt. It was my bad knee, and when I first did it I thought I’d broken it. It’s not I’m pretty sure, but I’m definitely going to feel it tomorrow. And maybe also a couple pains from Dash hitting me in the head with various other street weapons. What a bastard.

New Hellcats is up. Go check it out. We’re definitely moving the story along now.

And while you’re there checking it out, do me a favor. You’ll notice at the top of the main page, just above the comic, there are three voting buttons. Go vote for us on each of those sites. Especially the one that says TWC. TWC and Buzzcomics will have you press a confirm button. While The Web Comic List just takes you to a Hellcats page on their site. It’s a portal, that keeps track of all your favorite webcomics. Anyway, the more people who vote for us the higher we rise on all the lists, and the better it is for us. We’ll be more popular and make more money and one day, we’ll be able to do it full time and there will be daily Hellcats. Won’t that be great? I thought so. You can only vote once per day, so go back there every night and vote again.

And I’m still looking for more fan art and more feedback on stuff, so feel free to write and let us know what you think and send us any fan art you might have. We’ll put it up on the site and you can be famous too.

Ouch… I think I’m going to bed so I can hobble to work tomorrow.

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