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Sketch Card: Carol Danvers

Ms. Marvel (original)

It’s been a while since I drew a sketch card just for the heck of it. And I wanted to clear my mind and not do dissertation stuff (been burned out). So I did 4. The many looks of Carol Danvers (Ms Marvel/Binary/Warbird/Captain Marvel). Enjoy.

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Mav & Jameel’s Facebook Pictionary #25

You know, I’ve basically given up on trying to decide if these are easy or hard. To me this one feels almost trivial, but basically at this point, who the fuck knows. Anyway, it’s Mav & Jameel’s Facebook Pictionary #25! 10 points to whoever can guess the mystery clue before Jameel does. Timer continues until…

Sketch Card: Supergirl

I actually planned to do a big long rant on why we NEED sexism in comic book stories (how’s that for a teaser… try and figure that one out) but I was busy with a bunch of stuff today and didn’t to finish it. Maybe I will later. Instead, while I was waiting on hold…

Sketch Card: Magik

Every time I do a new sketch I always say “let me know if there are any requests” (well, at least I do when I remember to say that). A few sketches ago, Joy recommended I draw Magik. When she said that, I was amazed because I hadn’t realized that I actually hadn’t done that…

Sketch Card: Colleen Wing

I did a sketch card of Misty Knight almost two years ago. I decided that I needed to do one of her partner Colleen Wing too, mostly just to match the set (even though Misty is probably more famous in the comics right now) but also, I just really like how my Daughters of the…