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so Facebook changed their avatars and EEK!

Ok…so apparently Facebook changed the look of their avatars to match the Quest VR versions? And they clearly did this without anyone who works anywhere at Meta bothering to consult an actual cartoon, comic book, or caricature artist, or even just google “uncanny valley”? Because what the fuck is this?!?!? Seriously WHAT… THE… ACTUAL… FUCK……

Sketch Card: Carol Danvers

Ms. Marvel (original)

It’s been a while since I drew a sketch card just for the heck of it. And I wanted to clear my mind and not do dissertation stuff (been burned out). So I did 4. The many looks of Carol Danvers (Ms Marvel/Binary/Warbird/Captain Marvel). Enjoy.

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drunken photoshoots

This is a weird thing that keeps showing up in my feed even though I know that it came out over a year ago. But every time it comes up, I look at it and say… I want to do this!!! It’s a series from Marcos Alberti. He calls it “The Wine Project” and it’s fucking…

Chelsey: The Ring of Fire

Once upon a time I used to take photos regularly. Then grad school happened. It turns out grad school is not terribly conducive to free time for side careers. Whodathunk, right? Anyway, I was contacted by the lovely and talented Chelsey to shoot some promo photos for her hula hooping performance art business. And like if you’re…

Cosplay For Kids

I started the PCA/ACA paper I did last year with an anecdote about a little girl that I met at Baltimore Comicon a couple years ago. She was three years old and dressed as Harley Quinn. Here’s an excerpt from the story: In September of 2012, while attending Baltimore Comic Con, I met a three-year-old…