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Day: June 2, 2008



Day 661 of 365 More.

This is a story of hope. A very short story because I am watching the game.

I’m not a huge hockey fan (not like football), but I do enjoy it. And when I watch, I root for the Pittsburgh Penguins. As I’ve mentioned in previous recent shots, the Pens are currently in the Stanley Cup Finals. And they haven’t been doing well. in a best of 7 series they are down 3 games to 1. Win or go home.

Tonight, they were down 3-2. The fans were singing victory songs in the final minute. Steph and I were on the edge of our seats just hoping and hoping.

With less than 35 seconds of regulation play, 35 seconds away from a world chamipionship, the Detroit Redwings gave up a goal.

At this very moment, we our now in overtime (took this shot during the break).

Keep hope alive!

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