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Day: June 4, 2008



Day 663 of 365 More.

Well, they worked their asses off in the last 90 seconds, but the Pens didn’t pull off the win in game six. The Stanley Cup is over. *sigh* Wake me up when it’s football season.

Anyway, about this pic. I don’t really want to explain too much because it would ruin tomorrow’s shot. I haven’t done anything really big for 365 in a while, but for this weeks 365 Days Podcast picture of the week mini-challenge, I came up with something that I was hoping would be fun for everyone, and I wanted to do it justice myself. The theme will be Collaborations, a chance to work with another 365 photographer. So I decided to go for broke on this one and do something really ambitious.

So ambitious that I can’t just throw it all together tomorrow.

So what you’re looking at is the planning stage. The storyboarding.

Have I picqued your interests yet? Good. Be sure to check back tomorrow.

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