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Day: June 12, 2008



Day 671 of 365 More.

Got a fair amount of things done today. After spending all day at work, I took Sarah to dinner for her birthday, and then I came home and worked on editing a tutorial for next week’s 365 Podcast (which had a new episode released today, so if you haven’t checked it out, you should).

After that I did some work on promoting Cosmic Hellcats, which also had new episode come out yesterday, so check that out too. The first phase of Hellcats actually went really well. We got a nice big burst of traffic when we opened up shop. We do better on days with new comic than without (no surprise there), and every once in a while someone links to us, and that adds a nice bit of traffic, but for the most part we’ve leveled off. This is bad, because I really think the strip is just getting funnier and funnier. So Max and I decided that maybe it was time to try some advertising. So I’m now experimenting with Project Wonderful. We’ll see how it goes. if anyone else has any ideas on how to make us famous, I’m open for submissions.

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