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Day: June 3, 2008



Day 662 of 365 More.

Hope works. The Pens won the game. Woohoo! Now the problem is, hope isn’t really my strong suit, so I’m completely wiped. I totally don’t get how you cheerful people do it.

I wrote several of you asking about collaborating for the podcast project. If you haven’t gotten back to me, please do. I even sort of kind of have ideas. I should start doing them tomorrow though.

If you never saw like_shipwrecks’ hellcat photo, it’s now up on the cosmic hellcats website. Thanks again to her for doing it. And if anyone else has Hellcats fan art, let me know.

I’m way behind on answering flickr comments again. I feel really bad about that. I really do. I’ll try to catch up soon.

Ummm, this photo really doesn’t mean much of anything. I was just tapped for an idea and it was getting late and this seemed like it might be interesting. *shrug*

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