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Day: April 28, 2007


Day 260 of 365 days. From sinful gothic glamour to cute family photos. Oh what a difference a day makes. My former roommates, Sam and Karen wanted me to take a family portrait for them today, so they came over to sit in the studio with their two kids. Sadly I couldn’t get Ted to…

XVIII – The Moon

XVIII - The Moon

The fourth completed card in my tarot card series.

Mallory as the Moon. I had originally envisioned this as a card where she was standing and looking at the moon, but as we were shooting yesterday, she got tired of standing and wanted to shoot some sitting down. I really loved her head placement in this one and the arch of her back. I think the facial expression is perfect for what I wanted to convey.

The biggest thing I am unsure of is the placement of the moon. When I took the pic of the moon last week, I really had envisioned her looking at it, not away, but I do feel as though it kind of works how it is. Not positive though.

Jack of Swords

Jack of Swords

The third completed card in my tarot card series.

Shiima as the Jack of Swords. Commonly called a knight. I decided to rename them to Jacks for the same reason they call them Jacks instead of Knaves on the modern playing card deck. Namely, that K is the same letter for King. I’m still not positive on that. But its growing on me. I’m also of still of the opinion that the lens flare is a bit cheesy, but I think it adds something to the effect. Opinions?

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