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Day: April 24, 2007

shooting the moon

shooting the moon

doing a tarot shoot on thursday and again on friday. On Friday, I intend to shoot the Moon card. I was sure that I had some pics I’d shot of a full moon on my hard drive, but I don’t. Also, after thinking about it, I kind of didn’t really want a full moon for the card anyway. Tonight’s moon was nicely just over half full. So I decided to go out and try to get some good shots of it. This is the one that I think I will be using for the card.


Day 256 of 365 days. Part of me wonders if I am starting to lose my mind without having a day job. I was at every end of the multidimensional extreme today. I had about an hour of misery and uselessness as I fell into despair thinking I’m never going to find anything to pay…