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Day: April 11, 2007


Day 243 of 365 days. Way back in August before I started this project, I had a house party. In fact, it was the grandmama of all house parties. The fabled pajama jammy jam. It was a really good party and everyone had a lot of fun, but there was a small bit of collateral…

tennis serve

tennis serve

For the Class with Dave group. When I did the motion assignment I had already gotten the frozen time aspect down I think, so I wanted to capture something a little more natural. I wish I had had more time to watch the Carrick High School tennis team practice, but it was raining pretty bad and their coach made them pack it in. Luckily though, he was nice enough to let one kid serve a couple more for me so I could get this shot.

Assignment 1. Frozen Time. We’ve played with motion blur, but there is another very powerful way to convey energy, freeze motion in a way that can’t possibly just exist. High shutter speed in plenty of light will give a nice sharp image no matter how fast your subject may be moving. Images will be judged on sharpness.