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Day: April 18, 2007


Day 250 of 365 days. I really only had one goal today. I wanted to go to an arcade and get a shot of me playing pinball. I love pinball. I used to have a Twilight Zone machine in my living room. Years ago, my car broke down and I had to sell it, because…

class with dave: 12×12

class with dave: 12x12

cwd143 – Square Foot. The entire content of your photo must be 12×12 inches (~30x30cm). What? I’m talking about the entire frame. So, first…your photo must be cropped square (non-square images will be removed from the pool). Second, if you enlarged the photo to 12×12, it would be a life-sized photo. Am I making any sense yet? Perhaps an exmaple. Let’s say your subject was an 8.5×11 inch sheet of paper (boring…don’t you dare do it) – that’s less than 12×12, so there would be some space around the piece of paper. Now let’s say your subject was a person. People are bigger than 12×12, so you might have a head and a shoulder. Or maybe a couple feet and ankles. Get it? Bottom line: if you blew it up to 12×12, it would be life-sized. Obviously, I don’t expect perfect precision on the whole 12×12 thing…but if it’s obviously 20×20 or 5×5, I’ll boot it from the pool. Get as close as you can to 12×12. The goal of this assignment is to alter the way you look at things. Footnote: Please, no photos of rulers.

a 365 reject of my Day 249 shot.