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Zivity Preview: cheeseCAKE

cake-35So I’ve mentioned Zivity a few times before. It’s a pay site that I shoot photos for sometimes. Megan, Trix, Sally and Sarah all model there. Basically, Zivity is an online community of artists (photographers and models) sharing their work (erotic photography) with their fans. It’s social networking based, with the standard concepts of friending, and “liking.” And royalties are paid to the artists based on how popular their photosets are with their fans.

Since it’s a pay site, generally I just post a couple previews to my Twitter, my Facebook fan page, flickr and now here. But they’re doing a contest right now in celebration of their birthday, for which they’re making all of the entries public so that eventually they can pick a contest winner through people who follow @zivity on Twitter. Sarah and I have been members of the site for a very long time, so we decided we had to enter this contest. We came up with an idea we called cheeseCAKE and I wanted to give a preview of the set here.

There are some more (very NSFW) images from the set after the break here or you can just check out the entire set (since as I said, this one is available for public viewing even without an account) here:
I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. And if you’re thinking of joining zivity and want a free one month trial account so you can see other sets, then leave me a comment or send me email and let me know.

Some more preview pics:

(click photos for larger preview)

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