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Help me pick interesting pages of comic art…

Clint and Kate - Phone conversation by David AjaI have to say, the best part of teaching a class about funny books has been being able to take my ideas and blog about them and ask people for ideas and get actual useful ideas back. This was really useful back when I was trying to pick my book list. So I figured I’d do the same thing here for an project I’m thinking of doing with my class next week.

Here’s the basics. I’ll be teaching Understanding Comics starting on Monday. I want to get the students to start thinking about the way visual information is laid out on a page in order to tell a story. A lot of times we focus on art style or the way in which a character is drawn (or in the case of superheroes, especially female ones, the way in which her costume is sexualized). I’ll be getting into that too, but one of the things I want them to learn to focus on is the more ephemeral quality of how an image is laid out on a page and how that relates back to the story that is being told.

So, after we get through the book, I think my Friday assignment is going to be watching this video by Strip Panel Naked on Youtube (a series that is amazing, by the way). This is an extremely good explanation of the thing I am talking about where he does a great analysis of this page of Hawkeye art by David Aja.

Extremely well done analysis. I’m thinking of giving a homework assignment where I ask them to pick apart a single page of comic art in the same way. How does the layout (and art style and really just total presentation) work in conjunction with the story being told on that single page?

So what I’m looking from other people are some examples. Point me at some of your favorite single pages of comic book art. Tell me why. Bonus points if you can give me the image or a link to it, but if you don’t have one and just want to mention a certain page, please do so. Hell if you have any feedback at all, I am curious.

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