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Day 358 of 365 days.

The trials and tribulations of being a black man.

Had a wrestling show today. My car was acting up again, so Steph dropped me off. After the show I walked to a gas station not far away to buy cigarettes, a bottle of water and a cookie and wait for her to pick me up. Just as I was standing around wondering what the hell I was going to use for my 365 days shot so late in the day, two cop cars pulled up next to me.

"What are you doing sir?"

"I’m waiting for a ride."

If my people have learned anything over the years, it’s to be as polite and cordial to the police as possible. I certainly wasn’t looking to have my ass Rodney Kinged tonight.

Apparently someone decided I looked suspicious standing around in front of a gas station and eating a cookie so they called the cops. The cops rushed to the scene to apprehend the suspicious looking 5’8 black man brandishing a chocolate chip cookie and a bottle of Aquafina. They took my license and ran it through their computer and of course came up with nothing. Then they asked me what I was doing so far from home (the show was about 30 min away) and I had to explain being a professional wrestler. Eventually they decided to buy my story and wished me a good day. I did manage to get one of them to agree to pose with me for this shot. That kind of threw them I think. They probably don’t have many suspects asking them to pose for pictures. I thought of having him pretend to arrest and cuff me, but decided that it was better not to push my luck.

I’m glad I didn’t wear my "I’d rather be fighting the man" T-shirt today.

Steph arrived to pick me about 5 min. after they finally left me alone. I wonder if they would have arrested me on the spot if they knew I was boinking a white woman.

365 days

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