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Day 1250 of 365 4 lyf. 1,250 days. What the hell? Sometimes this whole project can just be overwhelming. I think I’ve mentioned before that I ran out of things to proove with it a long time ago. It’s inertia that keeps me going at this point. I just don’t know how to stop. Even…


Day 1206 of 365 4 lyf. So, last year Steph and I decided to make our own christmas cards. We liked how they turned out so much that we decided that maybe we’d do it again. I really can’t see us tossing together a standard "here’s what our family did this year" newsletter thingee, so…


Day 1041 of 365 Again. So it basically rained all day in Pittsburgh today. As I was getting off work it was getting worse. In fact, when we got home the news said there was a tornado warning and server thunderstorms. The news not only begged everyone to hide in their basements but actually suggest…


Day 902 of 365 Again. Been thinking a lot lately about what’s really in my heart and in my head. Where I want my life to go. What I really want to do. I wish I could say that I’ve found some answers, but really, in a lot of ways, it’s just more questions. I…


Day 843 of 365 Again. Steph has been bugging me the last couple of years to do Christmas cards with her. Usually she buys a few and gives them to family, but I think she wants to be one of those people who has like a big to-do about it. Making a whole big list,…


Day 836 of 365 Again. Stayed up late tonight working on editing the photos from that shoot the other day. They’re looking for a quick turnaround (in fact looking at the literature they expected I’d be mailing them a CD the next day) but I just don’t work that fast. I guess I could just…


Day 825 of 365 Again. So, I got asked out on a date by Brigid the other day. She wanted to get together, have some wine and do a self-portrait together. Normally anybody would consider that a wonderful thing. The problem is Bree lives all the way out in Portland and I’m in Pittsburgh. That…


Day 756 of 365 Again. I like to have Steph in my self-portraits as much as possible. I dunno why. It probably is some silly thing having to do with loving her. Gross, huh? So anyway, tomorrow she’s going out on some crazy two day charity bike ride with her family. They invited me along,…


Day 733 of 365 Again. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a flickr challenge. At least not one that Stephen or I didn’t come up with for the podcast. But then Brigid came up with this idea to do a Marionette Militia and I had to join in. It was a little tricky…



Day 712 of 365 More.

Today was the most modelriffic day in a long time.

First, I got mail in the middle of the day that my set with Sarah had gone live. This is something the two of us had been waiting for for several weeks. Go us. So if you’re a zivity member, please go on over and check it out.

After work, I got to work with a new model, Virginia, for the first time. Met her at a party the other day and she was impressed with my photography and wanted to try. I’m still behind on posting photos. Haven’t started the set with Steph and Mandie from the other day, but here’s a little teaser until I get to them.

Then I got a new episode of Cosmic Hellcats posted, which is of course based on models, so head over there to read that.

Then I fell asleep on my couch til 6am. Which has nothing to do with models or photography, but I need to note it to myself because I really need to stop doing that.

365 days



Day 686 of 365 More.

Ah, refreshing.

Steph and I finally got a chance to use the pool tonight. It was quite nice. Not quite as warm as I like it (I like my pool water to feel warm… almost like the hottub) but it was quite nice anyway, probably just the temperature that most people like it.

Anyway, initially I had intended to do a shot of me floating underwater, but then I got the idea of doing a jumping out of the water shot (as opposed to my cannonballing into it that I did last year). This is what I finally came up with.

Aquaman, eat your heart out!

365 days



Day 685 of 365 More.

You know, I gave serious thought to quitting smoking today. I really did. In fact, I only had 3 cigarettes in my pack when I woke up this morning and i was like "well, that’s it. Today is the day. Just think of the money I’ll save."

Made those three last til after work. Had the last one at like 6.

I made it til like 11.

I just had to get my fix. It is so very sad.

Mike Tyson once said to Barbara Walters that he was on Zoloft for the world’s protection. "I take Zoloft to keep me from killing you." Truer words were never spoken. That Mike Tyson is a genius.

365 days



Day 678 of 365 More.

Got a new 50mm lens. The world is good again.

Last year I dedicated a photo to Juneteenth. Sadly I was late doing it. I didn’t get around to doing the photo up til June 21st. Two days after Juneteenth. I considered it apropos as the entire point of Juneteenth is being late, but I vowed to make sure I did a commemorative Juneteenth photo on the right day this year.

For those of you who didn’t see last years photo, and are too lazy to click on the link, allow me to excerpt it and explain the meaning of Juneteenth:

The base idea of Juneteenth is that back on September 22, 1862, Abraham Lincoln announces that the civil war is over and that all slaves would be freemen effective the 1st of the year (you know, you can’t just end 200 years of slavery and oppression, you have to ween people off of it. Give Masa a chance for a few last beatings and rapes… and you know, the harvest was coming).

Two and a half years later, Union Soldiers by led by General Gordon Granger rode into to Texas and were surprised to find that, goshdarnit, there were still slaves there. Apparently "news hadn’t gotten that far." Of course, I’ve always felt that news had gotten that far and Whitey just decided that since the nigros couldn’t read, maybe if no one said anything out loud they’d never catch on. Anyway, on that day, the slaves were "freed" in Texas. Of course, General Granger advised them to continue doing the same work they were doing, living in the same houses they were living in and proceed exactly the same, you know… except now they would be getting paid (slaves wages). And thus slavery died and the ghetto was born.

I commemorate this joyous day by symbolically breaking free of my chains.

Yay! I’m free… And yet still poor… No 40 acres… No mule… hmmm… Can a nigga get a table dance?

So there you go. By the way, I have marked this pic flickr safe, even though technically I am naked. I figure, I’m a boy. I’m showing no naughty bits, it’s not even remotely sexual. Here’s hoping that I don’t get myself banned again. I’ve pretty much given up on explore. 🙂

Happy Juneteenth. Now how about that table dance?

365 days