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Month: July 2007


Day 354 of 365 days. I hurt myself today, just to see if I could feel I was supposed to have a photoshoot today, but that ended up getting cancelled because I could never get in touch with the model. Instead that gave me some time to work on getting caught up with previous photoshoots…

Two of Cups

Two of Cups

Rima contacted me about posing for the Tarot deck on Wednesday and we shot her on Thursday. It’s about the fatest turnaround I’ve ever done on a shoot, but it was another case of just trying to get a shoot in when both the model and I happened to have time.

I was quite happy to work with her, since through happenstance right now, the deck was very "caucasian." It’s been hard to find people of color for it. Especially women. I was hoping her complexion still comes across well in the B&W.

The big challenge here was representing "love" while only using one person so that it conceptually fit with the other twos in the deck.

Interpretation, comments and criticism welcome as always, and in fact encouraged.


Day 352 of 365 days. Sleep… oh sweet sweet sleep. Did a lot of that today. Slept in, then woke up just in time to do a photoshoot with the lovely and talented Sarah who was visiting for the weekend. Hung out with her and her husband for a while and when they left I…

Sarah glowing

Sarah glowing

Just posting some pics from shoots that I hadn’t gotten around to editing till this morning.

This is an alternate shot of Sarah that I was going to use for her tarot card. I ended up going the other way because I really liked the mystery of hiding her face behing her hair. Still I like this one a lot. Her skin complexion looks great under the lights.


Day 351 of 365 days. So Jammy Jam was a success. I was up til about 6am and drinking til maybe 5:30. Finally went to bed and woke again at 9am. Then I took care of a few things and suddenly it was time for Capture Pittsburgh, the photography show I was presenting at. I…


Day 350 of 365 days. When they write my entry in the history books, I hope they list my crowning achievement to humanity as Jammy Jam. This was the first time I’d thrown a party on a Friday in a REALLY long time, and I was kind of concerned about how well it would go…


Day 349 of 365 days. Less than 24 hours away from Jammy Jam and I am exhausted. I had a photoshoot this morning for the tarot deck. So pics from that will be coming next week hopefully. I still haven’t finished editing all of Sarah shoot and I have two more to do in the…