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Month: September 2007


Day 413 of 365 More. Thank God it’s Friday. Got through the day at work and went to happy hour. I think my favorite thing about this job is that my favorite happy hour bar is right across the street. That’s certainly one big advantage. After Happy Hour, we went to dinner for Steph’s friend’s…

on the Light The Night Walk

11-27-06 Originally uploaded by chrismaverick. I usually don’t do this sort of advertising thing, but this is for a pretty good cause. My lovely girlfriend, beststephi and I, are walking in this fundraising walk next week (Oct. 4). Steph’s older brother died of Leukemia when they were kids, and so her family has decided to…

Grasshoppers Mating

Grasshoppers Mating

When Grasshopper can make Lady Grasshopper scream his name while writhing in ecstasy without buying her a drink, he will be ready to leave the monastery

When I was waiting for Steph to come outside so we could go on our walk I happened to notice these two grasshoppers "doing it" by my pool.

My first thought: I have to go get my macro lens!

My second thought: I wonder if this will get my account banned again?