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Zivity Preview: Private Spa

hottub-7While I work on processing the next batch of photos for the 365 Cellphone Pic project, I though it might be nice to toss up some more preview pics for another Zivity set I had come out recently. These shots are from Private Spa(NSFW) with Megan.

This was another set shot on the first day that Megan and I ever shot together. After a long day of getting three other sets shot, I invited her to relax a bit in the hottub. The light was pouring in just right through the window to get a perfect tone and we decided it’d be perfect to shoot one more set that way and use it for Zivity’s Girls of Summer contest.
A couple more shot are after the break. And see the enitre set on Zivity here:
Again, remember, it’s not safe for work. Unlike the previous set I previewed here, you’d need an account on the site to see the whole set. Let me know if you’re interested in a preview account.

More Preview Images from Private Spa:


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