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365 Cellphone Pics, Day 12: Aug 12

Well, it certainly didn’t take long for me to fall behind on posting these. I’m going to try to be better about that now. But I haven’t missed a day, so lets try to fix that.

My fiancee loves plants. And by loves, I mean she loves buying them and then making it my responsibility to take care of them. This one finally just started sprouting flowers today, which, by the way happens to be her birthday, so i figured it’d be the perfect day to take a picture of it. 
A nice thing to try when photographing flora fauna is isolating one color to make the picture pop. Since there was only one flower sprouting so far, this was in fact really easy. The pink color looks very vibrant against the green background of the rest of the plant, where it might have been lost and not as shocking in a setting with other flowers. The shot was taken entirely in natural light on my front porch. Since I can’t control the aperture of a cellphone camera to adjust the depth of field, I focused on the closest part of the flower to me and let as much of the background fall off as I could then digitally darkened the exposure in Photoshop to make it even less noticeable. 

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