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365 Cellphone Pics, Day 13: Aug 13

Since it’s impossible to “really zoom” on most cell phone cameras as I’ve discussed before, one thing that can be fun to do is take advantage of the wide angle look of them for panoramic views. When given enough light, and enough patience with and understanding of that light by the photographer, some stunning wide angle shots can be produced.

To get this one, I stood on my roof of my house and looked across at the graveyard on the hill behind me. The clouds were incredibly fluffy and full and I knew that it would make a good picture. The main key to this was to be patient and wait for the camera in the cell phone to adjust to the scene and get the correct white balance and exposure before engaging the shutter. Once the scene began to look correct on the screen I braced the phone for steadiness and pressed the shutter button.
While I sharpen most cell phone photos during post processing, that wasn’t as necessary here. A small amount was done to make the grass stand out, but clouds are supposed to be fuzzy and fluffy so I allowed the low sharpness of the camera to enhance this effect.

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