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365 Cellphone Pics, Day 5: Aug 5

In the name of continuing to work on basic photography building blocks, I decided to just take a pic about texture today. The manhole is in the street in front of my house. I walk past it like every day. But looking at it today I noticed it has some of the most interesting texture and tone to it. Not only is there the base repetition of the Xs on the top, but it’s been covered over in asphalt and grime and that lends a very unique feel to it. I took the shot with a relatively close crop, allowing the item to extend well beyond its frame so that the viewer would be forced to focus on the texture and feel of the object rather than it’s shape, while leaving enough of the shape in tact to let the viewer know what he was looking at. I processed it as a black and white to make the definition, shadow and contrast come out even more.

I think I may end up doing a lot of these over the course of this project. The cellphone camera seems like it may be really good for that.

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