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365 Cellphone Pics, Day 4: Aug 4

So it took me four days to get around to actually shooting my first portrait for this project.

This is Alex. Alex was lucky enough to actually grow up in a comic book store, Pittsburgh’s Phantom of the Attic. Back when I was his age, we tried to read our comics in a corner convenience store and get through the whole book before someone noticed us and threw us out but Alex doesn’t know that life. The comic specialty shop knows that the real comic fan likes to know what they’re buying, and the fact that he might have read the book already is not a detriment towards a possible sell at all. 
Alex has a great smile and I wanted to capture his youthful exuberance with this shot. Once again, going back to basics, with using a cameraphone, I did my best to fill the frame and shoot the pic at an angle that best captured his spirit. In Alex’s case, since he’s a kid, he often plops down on the floor and reads. So as an adult, you’re frequently looking down on him while he’s engrossed in his book. Good photography is about capturing a mood. Hopefully his was captured with this shot.

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