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365 Cellphone Pics – Day 3: August 3rd, 2010

So maybe I won’t just jump away from food. Maybe I’ll transition away slowly. 

Using cellphones as cameras is tricky business. It doesn’t feel like a camera. It doesn’t shoot like a camera. You don’t have control over your settings. You can’t even really hold it like a camera. So the trick is to change the way you think about cameras and in effect, change the way you think about pictures. I said I wanted this to be a project of “interesting photography.” Basically, what I’m attempting to do here is go back to the beginning. Unlearn what I’ve learned about photography and develop an entirely new style, starting with the basic building blocks of interesting composition. Fill the frame. Use creative angles. Rule of thirds. Repetition. 
I was shopping for catfood today and and as I was grabbing some off the shelf, my mind started framing the composition for this photo. Basically I wanted to push the idea of perspective. It’s a simple camera, so why not use a simple composition construct? From there, it was a simple matter of bringing the image into Photoshop to really bring out the color saturation and adjust the saturation and levels. No additional cropping was used, the image was framed in camera. I’m quite pleased with the results.

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