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Month: May 2008



Day 644 of 365 More.

I’m clearly getting burnt out again.

I had big plans for today. I went to the movies and while I was there, I took this picture in front of the Hulk statue. My intent was to come home and make a movie poster with it and then use that poster to do a tutorial for the podcast, which I had told Stephen I was gonna do this week.

I worked on it for maye 30 min. If you look you’ll see that I have done a slight bit of retouching. The rope that is in front of the Hulk has been digitally removed by his legs.

And then I ran out of steam. Like I’m seriously completely spent. It’s only 12:30. I’m me. I should be up for like 4 more hours.

I can’t, I’m just dead.

So this is as far as it gets. Sorry.

365 days



Day 643 of 365 More.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. At least I hope.

This is Omaha the Cat Dancer. Maybe the single biggest influence on me for Cosmic Hellcats. My friend Jenn had bought me all the trade paperbacks except for one years ago. They’ve all been out of print for a while. One of them, volume 5, Jenn was never able to get me. I have the individual comics, but the collected volume was amazingly rare, not because of the story (which is a briiliant exploration of human sexuality and modern feminism through the metaphor of anthromorphic animals by Reed Waller and Kate Worley), but because it happens to have a two page foreword by Neil Gaiman and fanboys are idiots.

But it came back into print this week. And now at long last I have it. What’s more, soon I will have previously unpublished volumes 7 and 8, thus completing the Omaha story, after all these years (it originally started in 1986, and it ceased publication mid story in 1992). But now I will finally know the end.

I can’t wait.

Probably, even among you that are comic book fans, what I am talking about is way too obscure for anyone to care about. I don’t care. Just trust me, this is awesome.

365 days



Day 642 of 365 More.

I like this whole being a celebrity thing.

I was on The Hafl Show today, promoting Cosmic Hellcats and the 365 Days Podcast. Actually, I taped the episode on Wednesday, and they only played half the interview today, with the other half (heehee, that’s a joke) coming next week. Anyway, it was a really fun show. I was amused to find out they played my old Muddy Waters wrestling theme song (Mannish Boy) as they were announcing me coming on the show. I should really update my wrestling page with my current theme music (Hard Out There for a Pimp). Anyway, it was a good time, so definitely check it out..

Got the most recent Cosmic Hellcats web comic posted tonight too, so go check that out as well. Sarah makes her first webcomic today. Let me know what you think.

Ugh, it’s 4:30 AM. I was working on some stuff and fell asleep on my couch around midnight. I really have to get into a normal person rhythm one of these days.

365 days



Day 641 of 365 More.

I think I’m going to have to kill Jack Scoresby.

Anyone who’s viewed my stream for a while probably realizes that Jack and I have an ongoing friendly rivalry. I’ve always respected him as a photographer. Sometimes we’ve collaborated on a friendly photo. Sometimes less friendly.

Jack is currently off being all he can be. Or whatever teh equivalent of that is in the Navy, anyway. But from time to time I get a chance to speak with him on the phone or over instant messenger. Today, we spoke for a bit and he informed me of his intention to steal my two favorite models, Amaya and Sarah.

Now this means war.

You know what the best part of having a battle of the bands photography style with Jack is? Since he’s away in the service, he doesn’t have access to his studio and pretty much just loses automatically.

Point, Maverick!

I should have killed him when I had the chance.

365 days



Day 640 of 365 More.

How do you become popular?

That probably sounds funny coming from me. By all rights, I am popular. The funny thing is, I don’t really know how I did it. A bunch of people started reading my blog because presumedly they find my random ranting and raving (ie. being myself) amusing. Even more people follow my flickr stream, presumedly because I’m not an awful photographer and I happen to take a lot of pictures of hot babes. And even more people joined 365 days because, I guess at heart we’re all egotistical narcissists. I wanted all of those things to become popular. But I don’t know that I really did anything, other than kinda build what I wanted to, and what I wanted happened to be the winning formula. Yay, go me.

But then we have my other projects. the 365 podcast gets maybe 200 people watching it every week. Which is nice. Really it is. Don’t get me wrong. But with the amount of work we (and especially Stephen) put into it, you’d kinda wish it was 10 times that. And Cosmic Hellcats is totally consuming my life these days (its why I’m up at 3am yet again) as well as Max’s life and by our estimate, we have MAYBE 50 people checking the site regularly. That’s it. Really, I don’t expect to be rich. It’d be nice. But really, I’m just looking for appreciated right now. It’s a hell of a lot of work for just amusing 50 people. Likely 50 people who are already amused by my blog or 365 anyway.

So what am I missing? How do I pimp the site? We don’t really want to spend money on advertising, per se (at least not yet). But I’d love it if I was sure there was a word of mouth thing going on. But I don’t know how to get that started. Honestly, I don’t really know for sure that anyone is following the storyline at all.

Are you? Does anyone really care or are we just annoying people? And if you like it, have you recommended it to other people?’

What about the podcast? Same thing.

Speaking of the podcast, the reason I look all grainy and gritty here is because the mini-challenge this week is to do textured photos. Here is mine. The texture was taken with a 300mm macro lens. It’s the side of my neighbors stone staircase to his porch. The portrait was taken in my studio.

So anyway… help me out. How do I become popular so I can take over the world?

365 days



Day 639 of 365 More.

21 months. That’s how long I’ve been doing this. It’s been a whirlwind journey. People keep asking me how I keep going after all this time. Honestly, I don’t know. There are days like today when I don’t have an idea at all. Where I don’t feel like going on. And yet, I just kinda do. It’s weird. At this point I’d just feel wrong if I DIDN’T take a picture. So I do. Whether I have an idea or not. 639 days and I just feel like I’ve taken every picture there is to take. And yet I’ll come up with one tomorrow too. *sigh* Clearly, I got problems.

I think one of the things sapping my creativity with 365 is that I’ve found other outlets. Cosmic Hellcats is going really well. I’m very proud of it. The most recent episode is up, so go check it out. Max and I will be doing an art show on Saturday where we will be displaying it.

I’ve also gotten back into working on my tarot deck. I still have a couple more cards shot but that I need to edit and some that I want to redo. Maybe I’ll actually finish it and be able to sell it one of these days.

But not today. I think I maybe even like this picture, but I just am not feeling creative at the moment at all.

Blah… being an artist is hard.

365 days

Six of Staffs 2

Six of Staffs 2

I actually already did a 6 of Staffs card a while back before Dyllan moved to Hawaii. But over time I’ve started liking it less and less, so I decided to redo it with another pic from the shoot. I’m actually pretty happy with this version. Hopefully the message comes across better.

Page of Coins

Page of Coins

Hadn’t done a tarot card in a while. Had a lot of them building up. Including this one from my first shoot with Chaste a while back.

I really love the sepia look of the coin cards and can’t wait to do more. I also like the lingerie for this one. It gives a great old fashioned look to it. I actually bought that vanity and the screen just for this shoot. I’m glad I did. It’s made a wonderful addition to the studio.



Day 638 of 365 More.

Spent the day coloring the next episode of Hellcats. It’s not due up til Monday, so I’m ahead of schedule. Woohoo. If I can get Thursday’s episode done tomorrow, I’ll be in really good shape.

After I filmed the 365 Days podcast with Stephen and I tried to figure out what shot to do for today. Steph was watching Law and Order: Criminally Bad Acting. The suspect was a writer. They were looking at his headshot, ad they determined he was an author because of the pic. Why? Because he had his fist under his chin and "all authors do that, it hides the double chin." I thought about it for a moment, and they were actually write. That is totally the classic author pose. So I had my picture for today.

There, I’m a real author now. Now all I have to do is be seduced into a threesome by a homicidal lesbian madame and one of her callgirls and then framed for the murder of the callgirl by said madame and feel so distraught that I hang myself in my cell, after failing to do so twice. God that show is really bad.

Edited a couple Tarot Cards tonight. The first in a long time. Check them out.

365 days


Day 637 of 365 More. One of my all-time favorite photographers on flickr is Jack Scoresby. So when we proposed the copycat challenge for the 365 Days podcast, I knew that I’d probably pick one of his. Thinking about it last night, I decided to try my hand at one of my all time favorite…


Day 636 of 365 More. One of the nice things about the 365 project when I started was that it gave me time to practice a photoshop technique here or there that I had been wanting to play with. Over time, I kind of got away from that. In fact, I don’t even remember the…


Day 635 of 365 More. I am such an attention whore. The Half Show asked me to be the guest on their broadcast for this week, and since I am all about shameless self-promotion, of course I agreed. Show went pretty good. After so many weeks of doing the 365 Days Podcast, it’s interesting to…


Day 634 of 365 More. I actually took this picture earlier tonight with the intent of doing some crazy photoshop thing. Then I worked on the comic all night. Now I’m way too tired to do anything like that. Blah. I really need to work on getting more hours in the day. 365 days


Day 633 of 365 More. Yesterday I touched a tombstone, today I touch the hand of God. Or pretty close anyway. It’s Cinco de Mayo, one of our great holidays. The day we celebrate The father of our great nation. José is our master. José decides who shall remember and who shall forget. Long live…