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Day: May 27, 2008



Day 655 of 365 More.

People always tell me that I never use enough color in my self-portraits. I take the vast majority of them in my darkened studio, just because its easy for me. I decided last night that today I’d take something more colorful. Only after a day at work, it becomes evident that I really don’t go all that many colorful places on a regular day. So I did all I could do, when I got home from work, I took a shot in my front yard. I actually have some really pretty bushes in my yard, so it kind of worked out.

And look, I’m not even wearing black today. Aren’t you impressed.

Wanted to make sure I got this shot done and posted early tonight so I could work on Thursday’s Cosmic Hellcats comic. If you’re not reading it, you should, I think the story is moving along nicely, and I’m rather proud of it.

Also, Stephen was nice enough to draw some Hellcats fan art" which I’ve posted to the site. If you can draw or even if you can’t, I’d love it if you sent us some Hellcats fan art to add to the collection too. Either post it to flickr and tell me here(I miss a lot of what gets posted to flickr, even by my contacts, sadly) or email it to us at and I’ll toss it up on the website too.

And tell all your friends to read the comic too. The more people reading it, the sooner I can be a fulltime cartoonist, and when i am, that will give me more time for photography too, and you’ll be able to enjoy my art all the more, and you can say "I knew him when…"

See, everybody wins.

365 days