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Day: May 16, 2008



Day 644 of 365 More.

I’m clearly getting burnt out again.

I had big plans for today. I went to the movies and while I was there, I took this picture in front of the Hulk statue. My intent was to come home and make a movie poster with it and then use that poster to do a tutorial for the podcast, which I had told Stephen I was gonna do this week.

I worked on it for maye 30 min. If you look you’ll see that I have done a slight bit of retouching. The rope that is in front of the Hulk has been digitally removed by his legs.

And then I ran out of steam. Like I’m seriously completely spent. It’s only 12:30. I’m me. I should be up for like 4 more hours.

I can’t, I’m just dead.

So this is as far as it gets. Sorry.

365 days