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Day: May 28, 2008



Day 656 of 365 More.

First of all, I want to wish a very special happy birthday to one of my most favorite models in the whole wide world, Sarah. I love you, babe. Remind me to take you out for a drink when you get back from vacation. I decided to celebrate Sarah’s birthday by posting the last of her photoshoot with Starr earlier this evening, so all the rest of you can celebrate too.

Speaking of Sarah, I spent the rest of the evening getting the most recent episode of Cosmic Hellcats. Pretty happy with this one, as it is the first time all four girls have appeared in the webcomic together. I also added fan art from Stephen yesterday, and I have one to add from ☼ Helder that I’ll probably put up tomorrow, so check back often. And if you have Hellcats fan art, we’d love to post it as well, so send it to us at

And now about this picture. I’m still not happy with my own current drawing skills, so I’ve been brushing up on Manga techniques. My natural style was never really Manga influenced, although I am a fan. Hopefully reading a bunch of technique books will help me brush up to where I feel confident drawing an issue. We’ll see.

Only I didn’t get around to actually drawing anything tonight because I was too busy coloring and lettering the comic, editting the Sarah and Starr pics and watching the Penguins finally win a Stanley Cup game. Series is now 1-2, with the Pens having scored 3 points. 3 more straight wins with only 8 points, and I win the office pool.

Go Pens!

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