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on pinball and arcades

I went to the new arcade on the southside today. I don’t know that it has a name other than the Josephine street arcade. It’s quite a bit nicer inside than one would give it credit for looking at it from the outside. There was a pretty good assortment of new and old games, pool tables, airhockey, foosball and a decent number of pinball machines. I’d probably be willing to check it out again if someone was interested.

I played the new Simpsons pinball machine for the second time while I was there. Was able to adapt to it pretty quickly. Earned a multitude of free games and finally on the game that I decided would be my last (had to pick up beststephi to go to Silky’s) I became grand champion with some 78million points beating out GOD who only has 60million points. And also GUS who was at I think 61 or 65million. So I am apparently a better pinball player than GOD. Amusing.

Simpsons is worth playing if you are a pinball fan. The most amusing thing is that when you complete the Otto (busdriver) modes you are give a 5 ball (i think, maybe 6) multiball with an interesting quirk. The game reverses the operation of the flipper buttons, so the left button controls the right flipper and the right controls the left. This is very disconcerting and hard to deal with, but it makes for an interesting mode. And hey, I scored a good 25million during that multiball, so what the hell?


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  1. June 9, 2003 at 5:19 am

    Hook me up with info on this Southside Arcade.

    Where’s it at? What other pinball does it have?

    1. mav
      June 9, 2003 at 7:17 am

      not far from my house… its on Josephine. Kind of close to MAYA, if you know where that is.

      There’s a room with old games like PacMan and Donkey Kong and a couple of old Pinball machines (forget which ones) and a room with new games like Cruisin USA and about 5 newer pinball machines…. one was Simpsons, one was Adam’s Family, and I forget the others. Mike and I both noted we wouldn’t mind hanging out there again at some point if you want to go.

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