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Cosplay For Kids


I started the PCA/ACA paper I did last year with an anecdote about a little girl that I met at Baltimore Comicon a couple years ago. She was three years old and dressed as Harley Quinn. Here’s an excerpt from the story: In September of 2012, while attending Baltimore Comic Con, I met a three-year-old…

on Politics and Pussy….

Trump and Hooters Girls

Honestly, this may be the greatest week in the history of American politics. I always find it fascinating living history. But right now, I don’t so much want to live history. I want to fast forward. I want to jump to thirty years in the future and i want to read a 2046 middle school American history…

In-Class Cosplay


So the students in my Comics class asked if they could dress as their favorite characters for Halloween. I said sure, I certainly won’t make it mandatory, but whoever wants to can go for it and maybe we’d even structure a lesson around the cosplay phenomenon for that week. I have 34 students. 24 girls…