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Day 1161 of 365 4 lyf.

Was planning on doing something exciting tonight for a photo since I "phoned it in" yesterday. But I was really tired when I got home from work. AGAIN! Like I said before, work is bad for your health. I mean, my job isn’t even "bad." I’ve had bad jobs. This job is fine. But it’s still a job. Honestly, I’m pretty sure if all I had to do all day is sit back and relax I’d live forever.

But I have bills to pay. So, instead I go to work and come home tired. Today I was completely exhausted. So I stopped and brought dinner home for me and Steph, we ate, and then laid on the couch and took a nap.

So much for an exciting photo.

But really, sometimes boring is better. 🙂

365 days

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