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Damsel, pinup girl

Damsel, pinup girl

The other day, I did a photoshoot with the lovely and talented Liz. It was the first time I shot her, but she did a great job and I can’t wait to do it again.

I’ve decided to start posting the photos as I finish them instead of waiting for the entire set to be done.

Outfit 4/4


Day 139 of 365 days. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Maverick knows. The creative process is an interesting thing. I actually set out to make a black and white with this shot. I placed my lights so that I’d have nice heavy darks and hard contrast with my backdrop.…


Day 130 of 365 days. I’ve had a monster headache most of the day today. Honestly I considered just tossing a lame backup shot as the picture for today, but since I kind of had a cop out picture yesterday, I decided that i really needed to put something good on today. Then I realized.…


Day 111 of 365 days. So far, I had more or less gone out of my way to not really repeat ideas for the entire year. But I got to thinking last night that really, the vast majority of my self-portraits (and everyone else in the world’s portraits for that matter) amount to "here’s a…


Day 83 of 365 days. Today was the 8th anniversary of my first date with Steph. We celebrate it as any married couple would celebrate their anniversary. Its just that we never really bothered to get married. We’re quite content to just be living in sin. Really, we’ll fix that any day now. Anyway, we…


Day 16 of 365 days. So I walk up to the local cigarette store to take a picture in front of the "MAVERICK" brand cigarettes sign. Something I’ve been meaning to do for a week now. And then as I’m walking back home and walking down the hill I come up with this other idea…