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Day 1148 of 365 4 lyf.

What can brown do for you?

Not a whole hell of a lot apparently.

So I ordered some clothes for a shoot last week. They were supposed to arrive on Thursday or Friday and since the shoot was Saturday, that seemed fine.

Thursday night the UPS computer called me to let me know that the shipment would be arriving sometime during the day on Friday and that it required a signature and that I couldn’t reroute it until they had tried to deliver it at least once.

Crap. I have to work all day Friday. No problem, I figure, I’ll just go home after work, get the slip and call them and tell them I’ll pick it up.

I get home. I get the slip. It says you can call and pick it up so long as you call before 7. It was about 6. No problem. So I call the computer and say I want to schedule a pickup. A person calls me back a few minutes later and tells me I can’t pick it up because they locked everything up and went home for the weekend. I pointed out that it was before 7 and their policy says that they should still be there. They told me they know, but sometimes on Friday if they finish early they leave early.

What the fuck?!?!?

So I call UPS national and explain what’s going on. They apologize and tell me that I should be able to pick the package up so long as I arrange to do so before 7 (it’s like quarter til at this point) which I clearly had done. They tell me that they are sending an urgent message to the Pittsburgh branch and I should be hearing from them soon.

Pittsburgh branch calls me back. It’s like 5 til. They tell me "I’m sorry, but we’ve already locked it up. We can’t unlock it unless it’s a matter of national security." I tell them their national office says their policy is they’re not supposed to lock things up til seven. They tell me that the national office doesn’t know how they do thing in individual offices and that I was out of luck. I tell her that i want to open a formal complaint. She hung up on me.

So I call the national branch again. They’re appalled and apologize to me. They call the branch themselves and call me back ten minutes later. They tell me that the branch manager is now unlocking the room and looking for my package and I’ll be getting an update in 15 minutes.

Nearly two hours go by.

National calls me back. They apologize again. They tell me the branch manager never called them back and when they called to find out progress they found that she’d apparenrtly decided it wasn’t worth it and went home for the weekend.

They assured me that I had done everything right, that they were really sorry for ruining my shoot, I had every reason to be pissed and they’d have someone from their management call center getting in touch with me first thing Monday morning to make arrangements to rectify the situation.


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3 comments for “10-2-09

  1. October 3, 2009 at 8:21 pm


  2. October 3, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    UPS blows. How FedEx hasn’t put them out of business is way beyond my powers of comprehension. You can pretty much pick up a FedEx package you missed at their office like 2 minutes after they were at your house, without calling them first.

  3. October 4, 2009 at 12:59 am

    Day-UM! That is the most ridiculous thing ever; I thought that kind of crap only happened to me. I wonder what they think they can do to "rectify the situation" now. I swear, I’d want somebody’s ass on a plate! I don’t care HOW bad it is out there, I’d want somebody’s job on this one – and I think it’d be the manager. Of course, that’s just me…

    ok, I’m done now.

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