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Day 1065 of 365 Again.

Well, what do you do for fun?

Had a shopping date with Morgan today so she could get new clothes for wrestling and maybe modeling. Was hoping Steph would come with us, but she ended up babysitting her neices and nephews.

After the mall though we all met up to hang out and since it’s been so nice out, Steph suggested we go somewhere outside where we could enjoy the fresh air.

Of course it was 9:30, and outside tends to close when it gets dark.

But can that stop us? No! We were on a mission to have fun, and fun we did. We went out to the park and played in the playground way longer than any adult ever really should. But hey, It was pretty fun. I need to have more fun anyway. And it’s rare that fun gets to be something this silly.

I think I need more silly.

365 days

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1 comment for “7-11-09

  1. July 12, 2009 at 10:08 am

    I LOVE silly! Went swinging in the park a couple of weeks ago myself.

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