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Day 969 of 365 Again.

You know how you know you’ve had a good workout? When you’re 3.5 lbs lighter when you finish the workout than you were when you started.

Ok, sure it’s water weight, not real weight. Sure I’ll put it back on through the day tomorrow, but it felt hella good to sweat that out tonight. And as you can see by the readout on my elliptical machine, today was the first time in ages that I passed the 60 min. mark. Did it non stop while watching Heroes. It felt damn good too. And that’s not including the 15 minutes I spent on it this morning when I woke up before I went to work.

The biggest problem is that’s now an hour and a half I’ve eaten into my day. An hour and a half where I wasn’t getting other things done. I wanted to get some photos done tonight, but no dice. I’m too busy for all of this. But I don’t really feel satisfied with a shorter workout. Blah, can’t I just have a magic wand or something?

365 days

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