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Day: April 9, 2009


Day 972 of 365 Again. Spent the evening trying to catch up on photos. Usually I only ever post like four or five photos at a time, and try to stretch things out, but I’m so far behind at the moment that I really need to just get through things. So as a special treat…

XVI-Tower 2

XVI-Tower 2

Usually I only post four or five photos from a shoot at a time, but I’m still running way behind, so I spent the evening editing my entire shoot with Jonny.

It’s rare that I find male models on Model Mayhem, and it’s even rarer that one contacts me. But Jonny did and volunteered for the Tarot deck. Which was perfect because he had exactly the right look for my redo of the Tower Card. He was looking for some TFCD work in my style and in particular liked some of my motifs I use a lot (martial arts weapons and the comic posterization for the tarot deck). So it all worked out pretty good.