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Day 937 of 365 Again.

Got a lot of work done at my job today.

Got Brigid’s Cosmic Hellcats Guest Strip posted which got a ton of views. I should have cute lesbians do guest strips more often. Also got a lot of the coloring work done on next weeks regular strip. I really like how it’s working out. I hope Max and I aren’t biting off more than we can chew with the new heavier art style. But you’ll have to wait til Monday to see.

Did an interview with my friend, Kingdom, for his internet radio show, The Handsome Genius Club. Kingdom did a segment talking about Rihanna and Chris Brown, so he called me in as kind of a media expert on the subject. So definitely go check that out. Either follow the link to that site or download the MP3 here. (My segment starts about 1 hour, 42 minutes into the show).

Also went and played poker with some friends for the first time in several weeks. Maybe the time off really helped, because I won it pretty handily. $40 in my pocket. Hell yeah.

Damn right, it was a good day.

365 days

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