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Day 1077 of 365 Again. I’ve been meaning to process my hair for like two weeks now. Finally got around to doing it tonight. Honestly, this is probably of no consequence to anyone but me at all, but I thought it made kind of a cool picture. Mostly just because it gives me a chance…



Trix, a wrestling friend of mine, wanted sexy but tasteful pics to sell to her fans so she called me up and we did a shoot. Came up with some really good stuff. Even with no real previous modeling experience i think she did great.


Day 937 of 365 Again. Got a lot of work done at my job today. Got Brigid’s Cosmic Hellcats Guest Strip posted which got a ton of views. I should have cute lesbians do guest strips more often. Also got a lot of the coloring work done on next weeks regular strip. I really like…

Page of Coins

Page of Coins

Hadn’t done a tarot card in a while. Had a lot of them building up. Including this one from my first shoot with Chaste a while back.

I really love the sepia look of the coin cards and can’t wait to do more. I also like the lingerie for this one. It gives a great old fashioned look to it. I actually bought that vanity and the screen just for this shoot. I’m glad I did. It’s made a wonderful addition to the studio.


Day 606 of 365 More. So today I paid the federal government about $400 for the honor of having essentially been unemployed for the majority of 2007. And people wonder why I hate both political parties of this country. The really funny thing is, I’m getting the government kickback of $600 this year just like…