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Day: July 12, 2008

Jameel driving

Jameel driving

On the way home from the car dealer yesterday, Jameel and I both took cameraphone shots of each other out the windows. Here’s Jameel flashing the peace sign as I drove by him.

What I really love is the distortion on the truck in the background. I think its a combination of the warping of my window, a longish exposure for a cameraphone shot and the effective speed of 130+ mph (combined his speed and mine) as we passed each other on the highway.



Day 701 of 365 More.

21.5 cents per gallon! That’s more like it!

Jameel and I drove out to the middle of nowhere Pennsyltucky this week to buy a Ford Escape Hyrbid that I saw advertised on the net.

A few hours later and I own a new car. Kinda crazy feeling weird about that. It’s exactly what I wanted, but it’s the newest car I’ve ever owned and whew, that ain’t cheap.

Now to figure out how to sell my old Blazer.

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