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Day: July 8, 2008



Day 697 of 365 More.

Where does the time go?

Lately, I’ve been waiting later and later to start even thinking about 365. And a lot of the time I am so busy I really can’t come up with anything interesting.

Especially on days which I’m working on the comic, which is really a minimum of about four nights a week. I just end up coming home from work and drawing, writing or coloring all day. Next thing i know, it’s like a quarter to 11 and I haven’t even thought about my shot. So I take something quick and get back to work and the next thin I know its quarter after two and I haven’t posted yet.

Honestly, I’m loving it. I have wanted to do a comic since I was seven years old, and even though Hellcats isn’t as popular as I’d like it to be, its still been a blast and pretty rewarding.

I just wish other parts of my life didn’t have to suffer so much to make it happen. Seriously, if I could just sell more copies of the book or get like a few hundred daily viewers looking at the banner ads, then maybe someday I could make enough money that that could be my day job.

And I wouldn’t end up with 365 photos like this.


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