“Demonstrably done more good than harm”? Perhaps, but what is the demonstration you are referring to?

Again, the bad consequence is not merely expulsion. Much worse is irrevocable damage to reputations.

I guess you’re saying: sure, you might wind up sacrificing some innocent people, but that’s fine, because it’s for the good cause of reducing campus sexual assault and supporting sexual assault survivors (assuming it does have this effect, itself debatable).

As I said elsewhere, some people would be fine with that. (Though if you’re the one being sacrificed, probably not). That’s the view of utilitarianism. But other moral intituions say that if the procedures lead to injustice of that magitude, it doesn’t matter if they do more good overall — you just can’t do it.

So my point: it may be OK, but it’s not *OBVIOUSLY* OK. It’s not some kind of ridiculous WTF absurdity if folks say, wait a minute, this is not OK, it’s leading to injustice.

Here it turns out you also have disagreements about certain facts with DeVos. That’s fine, one can argue about facts. Again I would say it’s not some kind of obvious WTF absurdity to take her view.

That’s what gets me. You made it sound like there was something ridiculous and outrageous about her position. I just don’t see it. It strikes me as an eminently reasonable position with which I have a lot of sympathy.