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Day 1244 of 365 4 lyf. Oh yeah, I’ve so been waiting for this: We, the undersigned, constituting the Return Board of the County of Allegheny, do hereby certify that at the Election held on the third day of November, 2009, Chris Maverick was duly elected to the Office of Judge of Election in Pittsburgh…


Day 870 of 365 Again. I guess the year is really ending. This is the end of my last weekend of 2008, and tomorrow it’s back to work. *sigh* It didn’t really kick in for me til I was working on getting tomorrow’s Cosmic Hellcats posted. I was kinda disappointed that not that many people…



Day 658 of 365 More.

Ouch. I never knew hottubs could be so dangerous.

Yes, that’s right, I cut myself on a hottub. One of the knobs was stuck. And since I was in the tub, my hands were too slippery to really get a grip on it and turn it. So I reached beneath it and tried to twist from there. Only, yeah, you’re not really supposed to do that.


In other news, if you’re a 365 Days podcast fan, we posted the challenge early. So check it out.

365 days


Day 605 of 365 More. I really only had one plan tonight. Do my taxes. Guess what the one thing I failed to do tonight was. Yeah, exactly. Did spend a while talking to my mom and walking her through her latest computer difficulties. After that , I edited some pictures of Chaste so that…


Day 489 of 365 More. Art is pain. Sometimes it’s psychological pain. Sometimes its emotional pain. Sometimes its spiritual pain. Sometimes its physical pain. Today, its physical pain. Did my first photoshoot in several weeks tonight. It went quite well, but towards the end, I burned my thumb while adjusting the lights. There’s a blister…


Day 332 of 365 days. In the interest of closure, I must report that no asteroid the size of Texas struck the planet last night. Had a full day. Drove Steph to work so I could have her van for the day, then I went and talked to the mechanic about fixing my truck. Dunno…


Day 129 of 365 days. I had to make a CD of some of my design work for a job I applied for. They want to do a portfolio review. I was hoping to get a clearer reflection of myself in the CD but oh well. Like I said, I’m trying to be a little…