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Sketch Card: Supergirl

I actually planned to do a big long rant on why we NEED sexism in comic book stories (how’s that for a teaser… try and figure that one out) but I was busy with a bunch of stuff today and didn’t to finish it. Maybe I will later. Instead, while I was waiting on hold…

Sketch Card: Magik

Every time I do a new sketch I always say “let me know if there are any requests” (well, at least I do when I remember to say that). A few sketches ago, Joy recommended I draw Magik. When she said that, I was amazed because I hadn’t realized that I actually hadn’t done that…

Sketch Card: Spider-Gwen

I’m pretty sure the only reason Link didn’t request Spider-Gwen back when Iw as taking sketch card requests was that she didn’t exist yet. But her costume is really fun, so I decided to draw her anyway. If anyone else has any requests let me know and I’ll add them to the list. Also on:…



an in progress version of this picture. I decided to digitally ink and recolor it in illustrator. My first attempt at doing that. Previously I had always inked everything on paper before scanning it to color. Did quite a bit of redrawing once it was on the computer. You’ll note she’s more cartoony and manga-ish. Her arm is shorter. Her legs less defined. Her hair is completely different.

finished version: