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The Insult That Made a Man Out of Mav

Hero of the Beach Remember when I used to post daily wistful career change decisions? I quit because I actually made a REAL career change decision and went to grad school. It’s been going ok, but you know, there’s that part of me that will always be wistful, There’s that part…


Day 929 of 365 Again. Whew… So like I said, I haven’t really been working out since I started working again. At least not as regular as I was when I was unemployed. that means I got fat and out of shape. Well, now I’m trying to fix that. Did cardio again today. Heavy cardio.…


Day 927 of 365 Again. Note: Tried to post this last night, but Flickr was having problems and eventually I just gave up and went to bed. Below are my original thoughts. Remember when I was unemployed? I was in such great shape then. I used to do a minimum of an hour cardio every…



Day 710 of 365 More.

I’ve been saying that I needed to work out more for weeks. But I’ve put it off. Now Jammy Jam is fast approaching and I feel like a disgusting slob. I was telling myself tonight that I had to work out but then I had a lot of comic strip stuff to do, and I’m going to have a hella busy week so I didn’t want to not do that.

But I needed to do a 365 for tonight too. So I combined. It wasn’t a big workout, maybe 10-15 min of weight lifting, but i figure it’s better than nothing.

Still, I really need to pick things up.

365 days


Day 57 of 365 days. Believe it or not, I don’t just say as gorgeously hunky as I am naturally. it takes a bit of work. Work that I have been neglecting lately. One of the secrets to staying in shape is to take some of your exercise equipment (notably this elliptical machine Steph and…