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Day 1177 of 365 4 lyf. Welcome to Evaline. Pittburgh’s biggest house party. This is the first year in the last several that I didn’t have a Halloween party. There was enough other stuff going on that I just didn’t feel like bothering. Friday night, Steph and I went to Amaya’s party. Then today, Steph…


Day 1078 of 365 Again. I’ve had this pipe dream since I was a kid. I want to own a bar. Some people have dreams of going to space or being president. I want to own a bar. I can’t explain it. it’s just who I am. It makes sense to me. My friend Nelson…


Day 935 of 365 Again. I hadn’t been out to the bar for open mic night in a while, so when Dyllan wrote me and asked if I’d come out I just felt like I had to go. While I was there, Brigid texted me and while we were talking she asked me if Dyllan…


Day 807 of 365 Again. This weekend had totally been about recharging my batteries. I’ve been so burned out lately, and sometimes it’s just nice to cut loose. Remember Dyllan? She up and moved to Hawaii almost a year ago because… well, because she’s cooler than everyone else in the world and can just do…

Six of Staffs 2

Six of Staffs 2

I actually already did a 6 of Staffs card a while back before Dyllan moved to Hawaii. But over time I’ve started liking it less and less, so I decided to redo it with another pic from the shoot. I’m actually pretty happy with this version. Hopefully the message comes across better.

Six of Staffs

Six of Staffs

Decided it was long past time I posted some more cards. I wonder if people even remember that I was doing this. Anyway, I had shot a couple more cards in some of my last few photoshoots but been holding off on dealing with them since I had so much else going on. I thought it was high time I put them up though.

This one was shot during my shoot with Dyllan. She had wanted to be a part of the Tarot project almost since I started it. And as she was moving away, I figured it was one of our last chances. Dyllan is a singer, and so choosing her to use a microphone as a staff seemed totally obvious.

Dyllan Singing

Dyllan Singing

Did a shoot with Dyllan today. She needed some promo pics to go with her demo CD, and of course she will be appearing in the tarot deck as soon as I get around to editing the pic I’m going to use for the card. In the meantime, here’s a taste of things to come