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So about Triplicate Girl…

Ok… question for old skool comic book fans… (Wayne Wise, looking at you since this is a favorite of yours).

There’s a Legion of Superheroes character named “Triplicate Girl” or “Triad” (depending on which era of comics you’re reading). Her powers are that she comes from an alien race where everyone three identical beings. Only she’s a weird mutant and where everyone else on her planet has three bodies that share a consciousness, Triad is unique in that her three bodies have autonomous thoughts and personalities.

But it’s JUST three bodies. She can’t create more. And when one of the bodies is killed she becomes “Duplicate Damsel” with only two bodies. And then when another is killed she becomes “Una.”

So… the question… isn’t this not really a “power” per se. I mean, isn’t she really just “three regular girls”? I mean, I guess she is just as much “three regular girls who have the power to combine into one regular girl” but that also doesn’t seem… terribly useful.

Maybe that’s why she ends up getting killed so often?


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