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An Open Letter to Senator Lindsey Graham

Dear Lindsey Graham,

While I continue to hate the usage (on both sides) of headlines like “_____ SLAMS _____” or “_____ DESTROYS _____” on pretty much anything… you’ll be happy to know that I actually agree with you on the importance of nurses working during this pandemic. Yay, common ground!


If you can stand there and say with a straight — albeit rather punchable — face that you’re legitimately worried that the fucking EMERGENCY UNEMPLOYMENT STIMULUS package might pay NURSES… you know… the very people that YOU and I both agree are responsible for saving lives during this whole global pandemic that we’re all in the middle of… more money to NOT work (and save your and my miserable lives) than it will to to do so… then… yeah, I think maybe you have kind of identified the problem.

Just maybe not in the way you think!

The South Carolina poverty line is $25,750/year. The SC average income is $50,570. Your theoretical $15/hour nurse makes $29,250. You’re afraid of paying her $46,800 (and not really… because it’s 4 months not 12… but fine… I’ll even give this one to you)… which is literally STILL below the median income. Sooooo… your literal argument here is “I don’t think it’s fair that these greedy ass bitches want more than $3500 over the poverty rate to save my life. Fuck those bitches!”

So… like… you know… If that’s the hill you want to die on… it looks like we’re gonna have our chance.

-Love, Mav


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