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Mavademics: Mt. Aloysius College Charity Con[vention/ference]

I always forget to pimp my academic appearances. I’m trying to be better about that. So I hereby announce that I will be speaking at Mr. Aloysius College’s Charity Con, this Saturday. I’ll be talking about the nature of continuity in comics and superhero narratives and how as comic fans we care way less than we think we do (aka, headcanon is everything… and nothing). I’ll also be sitting on a couple roundtable panels: one on Wonder Woman and sexism and the other on white washing in comic book film adaptations. And if that’s not good enough, my friends/colleagues Wayne Wise and Matt Ussia will also be speaking there. Plus some other people who I don’t know. And you know… it’s a comic con, so that’s always fun. Oh, and it’s almost free (only $2). So if you’re not doing anything on Saturday, and you’re in the area (its about 80 miles east of Pittsburgh), you should totally go.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming, already in progress.





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