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Mavademics: 3 Rivers Screenwriters Conference

So in the name of continuing to pimp my academic career… I’ll be speaking TWICE at the 3 Rivers Screenwriters Conference at Point Park University (in Pittsburgh) this weekend. Despite the name, the conference is NOT just for screenwriting. Though there’s plenty of that going on. It’s an academic and professional conference devoted to “the art and craft of storytelling by supporting, connecting, educating and inspiring writers, actors, directors and other artists across all genres and mediums.” So if you’re in the Pittsburgh area and interested in “creative stuff” you should consider checking it out.

There are panels and workshops on writing, promotion, meetings, production, intellectual property, visual effects and a bunch of other stuff. There’s also nightly screenings of several films: The Great Gilly Hopkins, Aspie Seeks Love, Fallen Stars, Moonlight Stories, and Gridiron Heroes.

As for my stuff personally, well… I’ll be doing stuff about comics… because I’m me… and what else would I be doing? I’ll be doing an hour long lecture on Friday (5/19) at 4:00pm on gender, diversity and sexuality in comics and movies. In particularl I’ll be talking about superheroes and gender performativity and the male gaze and fun stuff like that… basically how does sexuality work in superhero movies and comics.

Then on Saturday (5/20) at 1:00pm, I’ll be moderating a roundtable discussion panel on comic to film adaptations with Wayne Wise (who, if you know me you might very well know as well) and Ashley Edward Miller (who wrote the Thor and X-Men: First Class movies, the Fringe and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles tv shows, and a bunch of other things). That will be us talking with the audience about things that work and don’t work when adapting comic books to film.

So really, if you like reading my blog and have often thought to yourself “what would it be like to see Mav do this while dancing like a monkey?” here’s your chance. I’m excited about it. Should be fun! So if you’re around, come check it out.

Pricing and Registration information is on the website here:


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    May 18, 2017 at 9:28 am

    Actually… turns out I am now on three panels. The two mentioned above and another roundtable on Saturday.

    Should be a busy and fun weekend.

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