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Zivity Preview: Sewer Rat

sewer-10Time for another Zivity set preview. I’ve been pretty busy over there lately.

So this was a fun set to do. Trix and I were at a group shoot a couple months ago. We promised
ourselves that since we work together all the time we would go out of
our way to work with other people. But the whole thing fell into chaos
and people were missing and rescheduling time slots and it turned out I
was stnading around waiting for another model to be ready to shoot with
me and she walks up to me in lingerie, with crazy makeup and hair and
says “we’re both free! we need to shoot a zivity set now!”

I do love her so. 🙂

Luckily I’d already scouted out the whole warehouse and I knew exactly the
location that would be perfect for the look she had. The basement was
under renovation wtih the water and sewage pipes completely exposed. It
was the perfect post industrial look for what I wanted to do. And of
course, as always, Trixie rocked it.

(as always, there are more photos after the break)

Anyway, the set went live yesterday and we’d love to know what you think so check it out and let us know:

More preview shots from Sewer Rat:

See the whole set here.

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