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Day 825 of 365 Again. So, I got asked out on a date by Brigid the other day. She wanted to get together, have some wine and do a self-portrait together. Normally anybody would consider that a wonderful thing. The problem is Bree lives all the way out in Portland and I’m in Pittsburgh. That…


Day 443 of 365 More. It was a day of birthdays. After the football game today (wherein, the Steelers returned to their previous winning ways). Steph and I went out with her family to celebrate her grandfather’s 91st birthday. She didn’t know what to get him, but we knew he was a football fan so…


Day 366 of 365 More. Cheers. Before I do anything else, I want to wish a happy birthday to my lovely fiancee, Stephanie. In many ways, 365 only exists because of Stephanie. We went on vacation for her birthday last year and while she was sleeping, I was in a hotel room with nothing to…

Page of Cups

Page of Cups

The second completed Tarot Card in my series. Using a shot from the Theresa photoshoot that I thought was perfect for capturing the idea of the card.

I’m using spot color for all of the cup cards, and I really wanted to have a little more in them than appears here, but I feel its important to not overdo it, and the little splash of red wine seems to be perfect for this one.

Other themes of note here: All of my pages are going to be women. I’m considering changing it to the alternate name "Princess" but I like the sound of "Page" some how. Also, all of the pages will be wearing lingerie or bed clothes (as will all of the male knights). The cups, aside from B&W with color cutouts will also all be wearing rather casual or street clothing (i have other methods of dress in mind for other suits).

I also just realized a flaw in my design. I have the number of the card (Roman numeral for Major Arcana) in the upper left hand corner, but the kings and knights will both start with K. This is bad. Any suggestions for avoiding this are appreciated (I am considering Kn for knight).

If anyone has any suggestions or questions about other themes and ideas I have worked out so far, please comment and let me know… its a big job and all input is welcome.

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Theresa laughing

Theresa laughing

Did a photoshoot with Theresa the other day. It was the first time she modeled for me (or anyone) but I think she did great. She’s quite animated and about the friendliest person ever.

The final outfit from the shoot was borrowed from me. Theresa has a very tomboyish look that is adorable and sexy at the same time. So I let her borrow my basketball jersey and a pair of boxers. I think it worked out quite well for her. I’m not giving up on lingerie, but this was a nice switch for a change.

Outfit 4/4


Day 89 of 365 days. When I started this project I never envisioned how popular it would become. I figured maybe I’d have like 5 other people doing it and maybe 10-15 friends who were paying attention to my narcissism. I never thought for a moment that I’d have a group of over 1000 people…